Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Devil is Lose Inna Dancehall

It Look like the new trend in Dancehall name "Batty Wash and Devil Image" cause it look like if yuh nah promote "Batty Wash" , "Pussy Sucking" or not looking like yuh attend "Devil Worship service" yuh nah Seh nuttn a raassclaat. 

Remember a few months ago when that tune drop inna dancehall weh a tell di gal fi "Walk like a Dog and Cock Up and Piss"? Yes well it look like the mad man behind the song realised his 1 day of fame didn't carry him very far so he
decided to take "Trying to Buss" to a new level by tattooing an illuminati symbol right over him yiy ! 
Pree Di Pic 

To me it seems by the end of this year dancehall will be filled with one Bagga man weh comin like some big gal who wud do anything fi Likkle fame and attention. Yes Batty Man Alkaline J.Armstrong a unnu mi a chat! 

Weh Bounty Killa Deh ??? Dancehall need some corrections Kmt better yet some wholly wata need fi dash inna some a dem studio and a overall revival is needed inna dancehall. 


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