Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Big Up Tommy Lee Di Scamma

Dem call it scam but Tommy Lee call it Reperation that's why dem arrest him fi it .... 

The artiste is among several persons arrested in the business district of New Kingston late Monday.

A senior investigator at MOCA is reported to have told RJR News, that the artiste and six other persons, including two women were detained.

The investigator said the cops raided a house on Brompton Close off Lady Musgrave Road and seized documents, including lists with the names of US citizens and other material used in the lottery scam.

The management for Tommy Lee have so far not put out a release on the incident. However, this is not the first time that Tommy Lee has been arrested. In December 2012, the artiste was arrested in Montego Bay, but was subsequently released and performed at Sting that year.

He also made the headlines late last year when he was involved in a serious accident and underwent major surgery.

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