Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Big Wayne and Bounty Killa Inna Beef ???

Mi a wonda a wah Gwaan between Bounty Killa and Big Wayne mek big Wayne go post up pic wid him and him "general" rival since woppy a kill fillop ... Yes beenie man
Rumours have it Seh Big Wayne nah get nuh help wid him music career from killa nor di alliance suh him cut... Which is a shame cause Killa and Wayne a friend di over 16 years ... 

Si di pic deh

But Mi nah lie Big Wayne have a tune weh a happen inna real life ... Yes di mix up song "Mi Nuh Kno" 

Big Wayne Bookings Dubs and Jingles 
BBM- 7a8d3093
@realbigwayne (Twitter)

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